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Disney Screencaps

For all your Disney screencapping needs

Disney Caps
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Disney screencaps

Disney Screencaps
Disney only This community was created for posting/sharing Disney screencaps. This includes all forms of Classics, Pixar, Live-Action, Cartoons, and other stemmed Disney works.

Disney screencaps! A screencap is an image taken directly from the film/show itself. Not posters/promotional images you wouldn't find in the film/show itself.

  • Screencaps must be high quality

  • Unaltered for graphic usage

  • Visit our memories to search for screencaps!
Posting Guidelines
Post entries as the following
- Subject:
- Size of images:
- Number of images:
...and any other notes

Watch out for squished caps! VLC will usually auto cap images in a certain size unless you manually change the size to correct aspect ratio. This is regardless if you own the widescreen/fullscreen versions.

Screencaps must be accessible to everyone. Please do not provide links only to "friends only" posts. Passwords are allowed as long as it is provided in entry/on the page itself that everyone can get to easily.

Screencaps do not have to have one entry post per subject as long as its clearly defined what is what in your post, however if you are sharing more than five different subjects then please make separate posts, as it allows it to be in the "memories!"

Please use an LJ-cut if you are providing examples of images.

Icon posts are welcome as long as they feature Disney screencaps =) Please follow general icon etiquette, by posting a cut if you have lots of icons to share + post up to three icons as examples.
Taking Guidelines
If you use any screencaps/resources found here, please credit the original provider of these images as it takes a bit of time to cap, edit, and upload these images for all to share =) Please do not direct link any images ~

Affiliates Message me directly to be added =) Must be related to Disney in some way.
disney365days, disney_awards, disney_hush

Credit to jsilverywitch for starting the community and the skeleton of the guidelines. shorty_jd is your new moderator (I'll be adding in memories, tags, and making sure everything is looking spiffy for the masses)
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